Our group’s (Synthetic Ecosystems, Parsons School of Design) research has been featured in media and press all around the world.



Boston Globe 2020 “Plants will save us — if we help them do it” November 29
Domus (Italy) 
2020 “Plant Fever, wheere design learns from the plant world” January 31
The Independent (UK) 2019 “Plant-robot hybrid drives itself towards light sources” September 4
La Nacion (Argentina) 2019 “Your germaniums are about to become cyborgs” August 18
El Pais (Brazil) 
2019 “Your plants will also become cyborgs” August 16
Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences PNAS 2019 “Science and culture: Light-seeking robots (True Hybrids)” July 30
Times of India 2019 “Punjab scientist develops Cyborg Botany technology” June 25
BUG (Croatia) 2019 “Plant control – by application” (translated) June 22
MOLD 2019 “Cyborg plants, accessible cookware, and growing algae at home” June 21
Axis Mag (Japan) 2019 “Cyborg Botany communicates with humans using plants as sensors and actuators” June 20
Times of India 
2019 “Patiala’s resident among scientists experimenting in New Shepard” May 2
 2019 “Fresh off the Labs Innovation” April 26
Tygodnik Powszechny (Poland) 2019 “Returning to biological roots” (translated) April 15
Red Bull Bulletin 2019 “There will be a cyborg for your windowsills” March 4
New-century Intelligence (China) 2019 “Elowan, the cybernetic plant by Harpreet Sareen” June 15
Google IO 
2019 Video wall — Featured creative designer May 7-9
Communications of the ACM 2019 “Welcome the plants that move on their own” May 14
The Wall Street Journal 2019 “Green Power: The quest to harness energy from leaves” February 28
KIJK (Netherlands) 2019 “Cyborg plants controls its own movement towards light” February 21
TLife (Greece) 2019 “Elowan: the robot connected to plants” (translated) February 1
Jungoesterrreich (Austria) 2019 “Cybnertic plant robot” January 
Science et Vie Junior (France) 2019 “Here is Elowan the cyborg plant!” January 30
Pantografo Mag (Italy) 2019 “Greetings, this is Elowan: MIT presents the first cybernetic plant” January 11
De Ingenieur (Netherlands) 2018 “Plant and robot work together” December 17
CLOT Magazine 2018 “Insight: Elowan and plant augmentation, Harpreet Sareen” December 17
Thai Rath (Thailand) 2018 “Combining plants and mechanical research on the processing power of nature” (translated) December 14
SINA (China) 2018 “Plant + Robot = Elowan” December 14
Wired (Italy) 2018 “Here is Elowan, the cybernetic plant that moves to find light” December 12
Illfatoquotidiano (Italy) 2018 “Elowan is the hybrid between plant and robot that moves to follow the light” December 12
ACM Communications 2018 “This plant is driving its own robot” December 11
Entrepreneur 2018 “MIT researchers create a robot plant that moves by itself” December 10
L’Usine Nouvelle (France) 2018 “The plant-machine interface that will release plants from the yoke” December 10
Myslo (Russia) “MIT researchers create a cyborg houseplant” December 8
The Economic Times 2018 “Hello cyborg, Now a plant that drives a hybrid robot!” December 7
Hindustand Times 2018 “Meet Elowan, a cyborg plant that automatically moves towards light” December 6
ObjectConnecte (France) 2018 “Elowan, your robotic plant that moves by itself” December 6
Sohu (China)
 2018 “MIT creates life forms made of plants and machines” December 6
ECN Mag 2018 “Scientists turn a Houseplant into Cyborg on Wheels” December 5
Nasha Versia (Russia) 2018 “MIT scientists create a moving cyborg plant” December 5
The BOSS Magazine 2018 “The “Plant-Robot Hybrids” That Could Be the Next Gadget in Your Home” December 5
FastCo 2018 “This plant is a cyborg (and it might be the future of interfaces)” December 4
IEEE Spectrum 2018 “This plant is driving its own robot” December 4
DailyMail (UK) 2018 “This houseplant can keep itself alive” December 4
HVG (Hungary) 2018 “They made a cybernetic plant…”(translated) December 3
Superinteressante (Brazil) 2018 “Robotic plant seeks illumnation on its own” (translated) December 3
Ajit Punjab 2018 “Harpreet creates a robot driven by plant signals” December 2
SIA Magazin 2018 “Elowan – A Plant-Robot Hybrid that moves itself towards light” December 1
The Tribune 2018 “Patiala born scientist comes up with plant-robot hybrid” November 30
Dainik Bhaskar 2018 “Harpreet Sareen receives an international award in Kenya” November 2
Ajit Punjab 2018 “Harpreet Sareen receives a Pan-India award in Kenya” November 1
The Tribune 2018 “City boy brings laurels” October 31
Times of India 2018 “Patiala unviersity alumnus awarded” October 30
Dainik Bhaskar 2018 “Harpreet prepares Project Oasis while at Google in New York City” June 8
Digit India 2018 “Google creates AI-powered terrarium that mimics weather conditions in closed ecosystems” June 8
The Siasat Daily 2018″Indian origin inventor creates a voice controlled terrarium” June 7
Ajit Patiala 
2018 “Patiala born creative creates Project Oasis for Google” June 7
FWD (Germany) 2018 “Google’s terrarium shows weather conditions around the world” June 6
The Rahunuma Daily 2018 “Indian origin inventor creates a voice controlled terrarium” June 6
DE TIJD (Belgium) 2017 “In the glass of Pattie” May 6
DE TIJD (Belgium)
 2017 “Who is afraid of the future” Apr 29


Newspapers/Magazines/Corporate Press

Parsons AMT 2019 “Prof. of Interaction and Media Design, Harpreet Sareen, develops Cyborg Botany” August 27
The Future Laboratory 2019 “Plants could be the interfaces of tomorrow” Aug 9
Hackster 2019 “Cyborg Botany turns plants into input and output devices” June 29
News18 2019 “Cyborg Botany: Scientists have come up with a new way of reducing e-waste” June 27
Mashable 2019 Exclusive – Genios Moments Episode “Cyborg botany is a process that turns plants into electronic devices” June 26
Adafruit Blog 2019 “MIT researchers engineer cyborg plants for motion tracking and sending notifications” June 26
Whiteboard Journal (Indonesia) 2019 “Presenting alternative notification functions, MIT Media Lab develops Cyborg Plants” June 25
LSN Global 2019 “Plants could be the interfaces of tomorrow” June 25
PCPress (Russia) 2019 “Cyborg botany – Plants as IOT devices” June 22
Fast Company 2019 “Plants are the oldest sensors in the world. Could they be the future of interfaces?” June 21
Nok6a (Qatar) 2019 “Cyborg botany research turns plants into sensors and screens” (translated) June 19
NBC News 2019 “These ‘cyborg’ plants can sense motion and move on command” June 19
PopMechanics 2019 “Cyborg botany turns plants into security devices” June 17
Dezeen 2019 “MIT researchers engineer cyborg plants for motion tracking and sending notifications” June 17
Engineering.com 2019 “MIT Media Lab develops Cyborg Botany” June 6
Digital Trends 2019″Motion sensing shrubs and robo Venus-flytraps: Inside the world of Cyborg Botany” May 26
Shiropen (Japan) 2019 “Parsons School of Design announces interaction design ‘Cyborg Botany’ that fuses plants and technology” (translated) May 20
MIT Media Lab 2019 Front Page “Cyborg Botany wins Golden Mouse at CHI” May 18Phys.org “Six suborbital research payloads from MIT fly to space and back” May 3, 2019
MIT News 
“Six suborbital research payloads from MIT fly to space and back” May 3, 2019
Ambiontum 2019 “A vegetable cyborg” April 2
The New School News 
2019 “Parsons Professor Harpreet Sareen wins Innovation Award in Speculative Design” March 12
SXSW PRWire 2019 “SXSW Interactive 2019 announces innovation award winners” March 11
2019″MIT’s cyborg houseplant robot blurs the line between robotics and nature” February 16
American Inno 
2019 “Makers to watch” February 13American Inno 2019 “Cyborg Botany: Watch this plant move a wheeled robot towards light” January 16
TED Blog 2018 “Pattie Maes and Harpreet Sareen develop a plant robot hybrid, and other news from the community” December 21
Mashable 2018 “This cyborg houseplant can automatically drive itself towards light” December 17
ISNA (Iran) 
2018″Invention of robot plant that moves towards the light” December 21
Komulany (Poland) 2018 “Cybernetics enters the world of plants” December 21
Vodafone featured (Germany) 2018 “cyborg plant – elowan” December 20
MIT Media Lab Front Page  “Elowan: A Plant-robot hyrbid” December 20
International Agriculture 
2018 “Augmentation of Nature: Researchers combine plant and machine” December 19
Webtekno (Turkey) 2018 “Meet Elowan, the world’s first cyborg plant” December 17
2018 “Cyborg plant moves on its own towards better light sources” December 17
Digital Trends 
2018 “Meet the MIT scientist who’s growing cyborg houseplants” December 17
DesignBoom 2018 “Meet elowan, a plant robot hybrid that knows where the light is” December 17
Hitekno (Indonesia) 2018 “Really cool, this plant can search its own light” December 14
Discovery (Japan) 2018 “Plant cyborgs that move around on their own” December 14
Donan Imhaber (Turkey) 2018 “Meet the cyborg plant Elowan” December 12
ITCrumbs (Russia) 2018 “This robot will grow the perfec turnip” December 12
Heise Online (Germany) 2018 “Hybrid plant robot: Elowan, the cyborg plant on wheels” December 12
21Stoleti (Czech Republic) 2018 “Plant crossed with a robot” December 12
HackaDay 2018 “Cyborg, or Leafy sensor array” December 12
TechTudo (Brazil) 2018 “Elowan is a robot that can move towards the light” December 12
Seeker 2018 “This cyborg plant moves towards light on its own” December 12
India Today 2018 “Meet the Indian from MIT who created a breakthrough concept, ‘Cyborg Botany’ ”  December 11
Gaia 2018 “MIT researchers create a cyborg houseplant on wheels” December 11
ANSA (Italy) 
2018 “The first cyborg plant is called Elowan” December 11
SolidSmack 2018 “MIT Media Lab’s plant-powered Elowan is paving the way for Cyborg Botany” December 10
Fredzone (France) 2018 “MIT has created a cyborg houseplant capable of moving to light” December 9
iRobotnews (Korea) 2018 “Cyborg plant Elowan developed” Deecember 9
Autonomation (Iran) 2018 “Elowan: A plant robot hybrid” December 9
Robohub 2018 “Elowan: A plant-robot hybrid” December 9
CNET 2018 “Plant robot hybrid out of MIT can make its own way to sunny spots” December 8
Tecmundo (Brazil) 2018 “Elowan: Meet the robot controlled by natural plant signals” December 8
TheGreenOptimistic 2018 “Elowan is the first ever cyborg houseplant” December 7
OSEL (Czech Republic) 2018 “Elowan: The first cybernetic plant” December 7
SIFY Finance 2018 “Now, a plant that drives a robot” December 7
Off Grid Energy Independence 2018 “A plant robot hybrid” December 7
Element14 2018 “MIT’s Elowan is a cybernetic plant that uses electrical signals to move its robot body” December 7
Dezeen 2018 “Natural and digital systems could be blended together” December 7
Boing Boing 2018 “This plant drives its own robot” December 7
InterestingEngineering 2018 “MIT researchers develop a cyborg houseplant that goes after the light” December 7
Endgadget (Japan) 2018 “MIT researchers aim to fuse nature and technology” December 6
PopMechanics 2018 “Leafy green cyborgs are coming” December 6
New Atlas 2018 “MIT’s cyborg plant can drive itself into the light” December 6
Earth.com 2018 “New houseplant can guide itself to light when necessary” December 6
CNBeta (China) 2018 “MIT created a cybernetic life form of plants and machines” December 6
Newstack 2018 “MIT’s cyborg plant can drive itself into the light to surive” December 6
Sohu (China) 2018 “Science function becomes reality, MIT invents a hybrid of plants and machines” December 6
Golem (Germany) 2018 “Plant controls robot” December 6
Biglobe (Japan) 2018 “A cyborg plant” December 6
Gizmodo (Japan) 2018 “Cyborg plant to help with potting” (translated) December 6
TheNewStack 2018 “MIT’s cyborg plant can move itself into light” December 6
Endgadget 2018 “MIT researchers create a robot houseplant that moves on its own” December 5
Techcrunch (Japan) 2018 “Artificially symbiotic Elowan, which combines plant and robot with wheels, moves with signals from a plant” December 5
ZME Science 2018 “MIT designs and builds a plant robot plantborg that can move towards light” December 5
TechXplore 2018 “Plant cyborg able to move itself to a preferred light source” December 5
Slashgear 2018 “MIT creates a part robot and part plant contraption called Elowan” December 5
TechTheLead (Romania) 2018 “MIT researchers create a plant-robot hybrid” December 5
inSmart (Czech Republic) 2018 “Scientists have made a plant robot” December 5
IEEE Globalspec 2018 “Cyborg plants can move in the direction of a light source” December 5
Numerama (France) 2018 “This botanical cyborg allows a plant to find the best light” (translated) December 5
HightechFM (Russia) 2018 “MIT creates the Elowan robot” (translated) December 5
Adafruit Blog 2018 “Elowan a plant robot hybrid” December 5
Hackster 2018 “Cyborg plant uses robotic augmentation to reach the light” December 5
VICE 2018 “Cyborg plant controls a robot to move itself towards light” December 4
Zive (Czech Republic) 2018 “MIT experts crossed a robot and the plant” December 4
Techcrunch 2018 “Elowan is the plantdroid you’ve been looking for” December 4
Blouin News 
2018 “Here’s Elowan: A hybrid between plant and robot” December 4
MSN 2018 “MIT researchers create a robot houseplant that moves around on its own” December 4
Gizmodo 2018 “Cyborg houseplant can drive itself towards the light it craves” December 4
Yahoo News 
2018 “This new Houseplant Robot will keep your plants live” December 4
BHG.com 2018 “This New Houseplant Robot Will Keep Your Plants Alive” December 4
Futurism 2018 “MIT researchers built a cyborg houseplant” December 3
Treehugger 2018 “Houseplant gets wheels, can move around on its own” December 3
Steemit 2018 “Glowing plant and Elowan, the first cybernetic plant” December 2
Sohu (China) 2018 “Plants are the alchemy of nature, Professor Sareens interacts with audience in his lecture at the State Museum” November 26
India Today 
2018 “Indian-origin developer creates voice-controlled terrarium that mimics weather conditions” July 12
Playblog 2018 “Project Oasis simulates weather around the world” June 10
India Times 2018 “This crazy AI-powered device creates a city’s weather right inside a tank on your table” June 8
 2018 “Project Oasis is a voice-controlled terrarium that recreates outside weather inside a box” June 7
Newsgram 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 7
Gizmodo (Japan) 
2018 “Look at the terrarium to reproduce the Hawaiian weather” June 7
Indian Express 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 7
MilleniumPost 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 6
The Quint 2018 “AI-based terrarium simulates weather conditions” June 6
TPRoger (Russia) 2018 “A voice controlled terrarium that shows weather in different parts of the world” June 6
News 18 2018 “Google’s AI powered Project Oasis can realistically simulate weather conditions” June 6
Techesmut (Malay) 2018 Google Shows Project Oasis – Terarrium With Artificial Intelligence June 6
News Kerala 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 6
Suryaa 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 6
Komputer Swiat (Poland) 2018 “Project Oasis will show you weather all over the world in the terrarium” June 6
Techspot 2018 “Experimental AI-powereed terrarium can simulate real world weather” June 5
TechtheLead 2018 “Project Oasis is a smart terrarium that mimics real worl weather” June 5
The Verge 2018 2018 “Google made an AI-backed terrarium that shows weather conditions around the world” June 5BuzzOrange (China) 2018 “Google AI terrarium design shows climate from around the world”June 12
Hyper Gadget (China) 2018 “Google Project Oasis Terrarium reproduces the world’s weather in a box, including clouds and rain!” June 9
Gadget 360 NDTV “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 8
The Sentinel 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 7
Express Computer 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real world weaather conditions” June 7
Gadget2 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 7
ET Tech 2018 “Google’s AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 7
Gizblog (Italy) “Here is a terrarium with AI that shows the weather conditions around the world” June 6
Hackster 2018 “Project Oasis mimics the weather from any location inside an AI-controlled terrarium” June 6
CanalTech (Brazil) 
2018 “The weather “Project Oasis” that can be carried, shows you through the rain and fog” June 6
Business Television (BTVI)
 2018″Google AI-based terrarium simulates real-world weather conditions” June 6Amamz (Malaysia) 2018″Google Shows Project Oasis Terarrium With Artificial Intelligence” June 6 
Experiments with Google 2018 “Featured Voice Experiment: Project Oasis by Harpreet Sareen” June 4


Nippon TV (Japan) 2020 Prime Time – Kyokasho de Manabenai Nippon no Soteigai “Elowan and Cyborg Botany” Mar 28
WGBH (Boston) 2019 “The growing field of Cyborg Botany” October 11
NPR Boston
 2019 “Exclusive: The Cyborg Botanist” October 11
Digital Trends Live 2019 “Discussion on Cyborg Botany” May 26
CNN Español 2019 “Researchers integrate nature with technology” May 10
DellExperience LIVE SXSW 2019 “Interview on Convergent Design” March 12
Hearst TV
 2018 “Matter of Fact with Soldedad O’Brien” (Elowan) December 16
France 24 2018 “Cyborg Botany feature – From augmented humans to cyborg botany” June 28
Radio France Internationale 2018 “New technologies: Elowan, the cyborg plant” December 29
DW TV (Germany) 2018 “Elowan video broadcast” December 20
Newstalk National Radio (Ireland) 2018 “Interview at The Moncrieff Show” December 13
RT TV (Brazil+) 2018 “Cybernetic life form: Plant gets in direct dialog with the machine” December 9
BBC (16 languages/channels) 2018 “Elowan – A plant robot hybrid” December 7
iHeart Radio “This robot-plant cyborg definitely won’t kill you” December 5
Now 100.5 FM 2019 “Scientists create cyborg plant that can move around” December 5
CNN Español 2018 “Elowan” December 5
Twit.TV 2018 Project Oasis June 10
 2013 “Young Turks” April 24
NDTV Profit 2012 “Innovation and Beyond” September 30
CNBC TV-18 2012 “National Social Innovation Honours Telecast” March 4